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First International workshop of experiences with organic fertilizers

At the facilities of the Cooperative La Divisora in Tingo Maria, Peru, more than one hundred smallholders from Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Uganda gathered together during three days in October at the first international workshop of experiences on organic fertilizers.

The meeting, organized by La Divisora and the Progreso Program, made it possible to exchange knowledge and understand more about the use of Efficient and Mountain Microorganisms in the elaboration of organic fertilizers. This technique is based on the regeneration of the soils by reproducing and incorporating the Microorganisms in solid (bokashi) and liquid fertilizers (bioles). These products nourish the soil and its plantations, thereby improving the quality of the fruits and increasing the productivity.

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Comment by Sophie Mukua on January 29, 2011 at 6:09am

Must be really good for our crops if these guys could eat the fertilizer. I am thinking about all crops especially vegetables that we eat raw after they have been given a treat of who knows what.

Great technology.

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