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Winners from the Kenya Coffee Consumption Challenge!

February 9, 2011

First of all we would like to thank the Kenyan community for its great participation in the Challenge. “How to Increase Local Coffee Consumption in Kenya” came to an end on 31 December 2010, and we had received over 100 great ideas!

The selection of the finalists was based on general content, creativity, practicability, and impact on policy issues.

Congratulations to the winners!

Find below the descriptions of the top 3 winning proposals:


Loise, being a farmer herself, emerged as the winner with various ideas on how Kenyan society can change its perception on coffee. She indicated that there are certain barriers in the industry that should be removed in order for farmer organizations to process coffee and then be able to sell it as the final product in local markets (as is done by tea farmers). Besides this, she proposed actions to sensitize people on coffee drinking habits by educating in schools and marketing at hotels, public meetings, and market places.


Samwel, also a farmer, found solutions such as: advertisement through media in both national and local languages about the goodness of Kenyan coffee; establishment of coffee dispensers in various busy areas (e.g. supermarkets, petrol stations, banks and other stores, especially those owned by producer groups); education of farmers on the effects of supply and demand – greater local consumption can lead to higher prices that coffee farmers can charge for export.


Daniel, another farmer, impressed the jury with his practical ideas on promotion of coffee consumption. He believed that promotion targeted at locals should be done by organizing road shows, holding raffles at community General Meetings, and offering free gifts for every purchase of a coffee package as an incentive. He also stated that the product could be packaged in different forms, which would suit the purchasing power of local consumers.

Other great ideas from various participants included:

• Involve the youth
• Clearly explain health impacts of coffee to debunk negative myths
• Provide ready-to-drink coffee outlets
• Quality improvement
• Reduce coffee prices in Kenya

Well done participants!
The awards ceremony will take place at Kahuhia Farmer’s Co-operative Society, date TBD.

Now let’s move to drink a cup of our own Kenya Coffee!

Click here to see details on the jury process, including information on how the winners were picked and who the three runner-ups are.

This challenged was organized by Progreso Network and Fair Trade Kenya Organization (FTOK) in collaboration with the Coffee Board of Kenya.

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