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US now top buyer of Kenyan coffee with Sh7bn purchase

Source:Business Daily

By: Gerald Andae

US purchase of Kenyan coffee has shot up 75 per cent to Sh7 billion in the current financial year, overtaking Germany and Belgium as the top buyer.

Statistics from the Coffee Directorate puts America at the top both in terms of price offered for a kilogramme and quantities bought.

The numbers indicate US bought 8.9 million kilos at Sh47,998 ($466) for a 60 kilo bag.

In 2015/2016 Washington bought 6.1 million kilos at Sh39,552 ($384) for the same quantity.

The move comes barely five months after Kenya put a strong case for its specialty coffee during the coffee symposium in America where the country was given a “portrait status” making it the main focus point at the exhibition.

“The US was the leading market in 2016/2017 coffee sales. Notable improvements were realised soon after April 2017 and sustained to date,” says the directorate.

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