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Rainforest Alliance to merge with UTZ to form single certification body

By Michael Holder

Source: Business Green

Photo Credit: BusinessGreen website.

New supply chain sustainability certification organisation to continue under Rainforest Alliance name after merger takes place later this year

Two of the world's largest supply chain sustainability certification bodies - the Rainforest Alliance and UTZ - have announced their intention the merge into a single organisation later this year, in a bid to boost the number of sustainably sourced products available around the world.

The new organisation, which will continue under the Rainforest Alliance name, will tackle a range of environmental and social issues around the world, including climate change, deforestation, rural poverty, and unsustainable farming practices, it said.

The merger will create a single global certification standard in order to simplify accreditation for farmers and companies with global supply chains, bringing together existing UTZ standards and those of the Sustainable Agriculture Network into a single auditing process for certificate holders.

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