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QUEST FOR COFFEE: Tempe man turns his intense passion for coffee into a thriving business

By: Steve Kraft

Source: Fox 10

 - A Valley man's passion for the perfect cup of coffee has led him around the world, from his base in Tempe. Now, this man is a world-renowned coffee expert, with a cafe in his own backyard.

The distinctive and delicious coffee at Infusion Coffee and Tea in Tempe starts, one super-powerful sip at a time. The cafe, next to Four Peaks Brewing Company on 8th Street, near Arizona State University's Tempe campus, is part of owner Patrick O'Malley's never-ending quest to brew the perfect cup of coffee.

"I have one or two cups," said O'Malley, when asked whether he drinks coffee in the morning. "I have a couple at home, then have two or three. I don't think anybody drinks more coffee than I do."

It's likely no one studies it, tests it, and experiments with it more rigorously than O'Malley does. What makes the place really different and distinctive is there is actually a laboratory inside of the coffee place.

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