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Lesson 2: When and how often do farmers need to prune and rejuvenate coffee trees?

  • Main pruning: Every year once harvest is complete. After rains an extra pruning is required to remove unwanted suckers.
    • § Prune immediately after main crop (January and August).
    • § Sick looking trees due to dieback NOT to be pruned until after following rain season.  Prune only after the new growth.
    • § Prune trees attacked by star scale immediately after main crop and strip off the crop and then cut off useless heads after recommended chemical control and apply mulch.

Rejuvenation:  After every 5-6 harvest years. If the trees are left longer than this they will become less productive.

Recognition for the best method to use for rejuvenation

  • Most trees have 3-6 main stems.
  • Many of these main stems are weak – they grew in poor light.
  • The main stems and branches are over-crowded; this leads to poor flowering and increases pest & disease problems. 

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