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Lesson 1: Why do farmers need to rejuvenate and prune coffee trees?

 Rejuvenation is re-cycling old coffee main stems to bring up completely new young stems. It is also referred to as change of cycle. This can be done through gradual replacement or clean stumping.

 Pruning is the removal of unwanted branches on the main stems. This is the process through which selected branches are removed (cutoff) in order to concentrate growth to desired branches, therefore optimizing output, quality and the overall management of the tree.

 Rejuvenation allows the growth of new main stems; these produce young productive branches that will produce crop. Stress that Old branches don’t produce many flowers or crop.

Frequent rejuvenation keeps pruning very simple. Coffee trees are like people. When people get old, they become unproductive and sickly. Young people are energetic and are able to achieve much more. They are also productive.

Why we do pruning

  •  Pruning opens trees to allow light penetration which encourages flowering and fruiting.
  •  Pruning opens trees to allow air circulation which helps control pests and diseases.
  •  Pruning removes unproductive branches such as suckers and crossing over branches.
  •  Pruning helps maintain a suitable crop/leaf ratio.
  •  It helps achieve regular uniform cropping yearly.
  •  It helps to optimize in pest and disease management.
  •  It helps in economizing chemical use in spraying.
  •  It helps in avoiding die-back of primaries and roots.
  •  It brings vigor to the tree.

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