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Title: Access to finance for small holder coffee farmers

Challenge Question: Do small holder coffee farmers require to borrow money in order to sustain their farming activities and if so how can they access the finance?

Objective: To understand areas of financial access intervention that would help farmers carry out their farming activities more sustainably.

Deadline: 30th September 2015

PRIZE: USD One thousand ($1,000.00)

Progreso Network invites organizations and individual to participate in the annual Progreso Network challenge. This year the challenge is focusing on Access to Finance. The participants are required to come up with the best strategies of ensuring that smallholder farmers can easily access finance in a timely manner, when needed. The objective of the challenge is to understand the borrowing needs of the farmers in order to advice Technical Assistance agencies as well as banks on the needs of the farmers.

The entries will be reviewed by a panel of judges and the best entry will win $1,000. In addition they will gain exposure to numerous local and international agencies that would assist them in leading the efforts to bring the idea into operation.

For Rules on how to enter visit:

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