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Meet Algrano: A Tech-Based Platform Connecting Roasters and Producers

By Nick Brown.  Source: Daily Coffee News

The relationship between buyers and producers is in many ways the engine that drives upmarket specialty coffee, especially as traceability, farm to cup, direct trade and related concepts are gaining traction among conscientious consumers. Of course, this relationship can be a fuzzy one, naturally limited by lack of direct or meaningful access between these two key, independent links in the specialty coffee chain.

A coffee company debuting this week called Algrano is working to develop those relationships through a technologically driven platform that’s largely new to the coffee world. The Swiss startup is essentially providing an online green coffee marketplace where sellers — in this case, coffee producers — can interact with green coffee buyers, who then have the opportunity to provide feedback and offer financial incentives for quality improvements. Moreover, costs throughout the sale, export and delivery are transparent to both parties.

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