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How to use the Progreso Network community

What is new in Progreso Network?

You will find the following three new sections.

With a search engine you can search for and connect with other members. Whether you are looking for a consultant in a specialized field or a producer organization in Africa or Latin America, the search engine will connect you with the right people and organizations.

Furthermore one of the unique features of Progreso Network is the collected experiences of many producer organizations. These will be available through the search engine as well.

The “share” section enables you to initiate a discussion, upload photos and videos and publish an event or document. This section will be dynamic and the network will quickly post a response. If an idea in this section receives many reactions, Progreso Network’s moderator might contact this person to move this idea to the “Challenges” section.

You are invited to participate actively in this section, share your thoughts in different ways!!

How to upload?

-Photos (especially a profile photo so we can get to know you).
(Simply click on “photo & video” and then click to Add photos' link at the center of screen).
-Videos (about your organizational development and region)
(Simply go to photo & video and then click to Add videos link at the center of screen).

Challenges are a special section in the community where the PO´s, NGO´s or traders can post a challenge. You can select a topic of your interest and react on the challenge by posting your ideas with a simple power point, PDF or video in order to present a solution. The best idea will win a money price and the creation of an E-cooperative.

For example:

Group 1: How to brand your product for the international market?
Challenge: Design an eco-package for your coffee that fits the need of the European market and win..
Facilitator of Group: marketing manager Douwe Egberts.
Involved parties: Douwe Egberts, Butterfly Works, Solidaridad.
Output: The winner sells 10 containers to Douwe Egberts branded in its new coat.

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Comment by Eshetu Yimer on December 10, 2010 at 10:18am

Is there any one who is looking for an  agent in Ethiopia to buy Ethiopian Coffee?

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