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FTOK/Progreso end of project ceremony 2009-2014

On 14th June 2014 FTOK held a colorful celebration in Gakundu FCS, Embu County to mark the end of four years of collaborations between FTOK, Progreso, Gakundu FCS and Kagaari north FCS.  People present during the event were; Angel Mario Martinez, coordinator of Progreso activities, Member of Parliament, Manyatta constituency, Embu County, Chairmen and board members of Progreso supported coffee co-operatives, FTOK team among other people were present during the event.  Farmers present during the event were about 1200 from Gakundu, Kagaari North and neighboring co-operatives. The event was held to celebrate the successful implementations of projects in the two co-operatives. The main aim of the collaborations was to uplift the living standards of the coffee farmers by equipping them with skills and knowledge on how to increase quality and quantity of coffee. The key components in the projects were; Access to finance, Access to market, Technical assistance and Diversification. The implementation of this four components lead to projects implementation objectives being met and as a results the following successes were experienced;

  1. Improved coffee quantity and quality
  2. Good agricultural practices among coffee producers
  3. Strong marketing linkages  were established
  4. Effective and efficient management and governance structure
  5. Improved efficiency in society operations and financial structures among many other.

The co-operative management and farmers were trained in the following areas;

  • Coffee GAP
  • Basic accounting and financial management
  • Soil analysis and soil sampling
  • Agribusiness and sustainable agriculture
  • Coffee marketing and safety awareness and use of tools and equipments.

The management was also exposed to exchange visits and exposures such as AFCA, Let’s talk coffee, FAST financial fair and SCAA events. This was key in creating marketing linkages and creating exposure for the farmers. Farmers were able to learn much more from this collaboration. The key improvements from the collaboration were evident and farmers were extremely happy as they were the key beneficiaries of the collaboration.

Progreso Network would like to appreciate and commend the good work carried out by the four partners; Gakundu, Kagaari North, FTOK and Progreso

                                               Kudos for work well done!!

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