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Forgotten History of Pure Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Coffee, and little bit more.

Sri Lanka island country in South Asia know most  its as world famous tourist destination or for its  Tea  and Cinnamon not for coffee.

This is the forgotten History of Sri Lanka coffee.

No one knows wen coffee first cam to Sri Lanka. It was most likely introduced by Arabs. History say in old day coffee leaves  was used to flavored curries berries were ignored.

Dutch in 16th century are the 1st to  attempted to cultivate Coffee. Dutch were mo interested in Cinnamon plantation and thy also didn't wont to oversupply the market which would dropped the Javanese coffee price.  It sad Sri Lanka coffee superior in Quality to the coffee of Java and next to Arabia.

under the British rule in 18th century coffee was cultivate successfully on the highland and it be cam hugely Successful export crop. The demand for Ceylon coffee and high price in the European market fueled the rush of coffee planting.

The higher plateaus and peaks were rapidly  deforested  for coffee and the acreage under coffee doubled from 80,000 acres to 162,700 acres by 1867. The term "Coffee rush" was coined to describe this developing situation in 1840. In 1869 the coffee industry.

Due to only focusing on monoculture coffee without shade,  the conditions were created for a devastating fungus. This was the famous coffee blight (Hemileia vastatrix) aka "devastating Emily" most of the plantations were devastated  . This  forced the British to find other crops they could export.

Tea bush is not as susceptible to the fungus so Tea was introduced to the country in 1847.

Thanks to coffee blight we are the world's fourth largest producer now its almost a  billion dollars industry. because of it  highest quality  production cost Sri Lanka tea commonly not available much in common markets. specialty brands are available only in certain stores ,Tea shops and  Some are even not meant for the market.

About Sri Lanka Cinnamon.

Cinnamon was discovered from Sri Lanka by  Arabs in and around 2000BC. up-to 90%  world Cinnamon com from Sri Lanka now .

One thing to learn from Sri Lanka.

It don't matter If you are a small planter com from developing countries has to comply with big competitors with low price and lager productions.

Its not the quantity or the low price its the quality.

Sri Lanka make of one the worlds best Tea, Cinnamon, Apparel products. Sri Lanka  just cam out from 30year War, 2004 tsunami same time we had to compete with India, China, Africa, Asia . from all this countries we have the highest production costs.

we are achieving this because much in world market because of  our quality. This  may not bee the  fast way its the hard and long successful way.

slow is fast fast is slow



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