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First Global Study on Climate Change and Arabica Predicts ‘Severe Losses’

Source: Daily Coffee News

coffee plant climate change

2011 Creative Commons photo by Neil Palmer for CIAT.

Arabica coffees will have to be grown at higher elevations in almost all the world’s producing regions to survive the projected effects of climate change by 2050, according to a the first global study of its kind, which is being made public by the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT).

Researchers suggest severe losses in global arabica production are imminent if coffee growing doesn’t shift toward higher elevations in many countries. Such a shift, by virtue of limited land availability, hurt many of the world’s key growing regions, particularly in parts of Mesoamerica and Asia. Conversely, increases and temperature and rainfall could add some suitable coffee-growing land in specific areas, particularly some close to the equator in South America.

“Major producers — Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia and Colombia — together producing 65 percent of the global market share — are set to experience severe losses if adaptation measures are not taken,” CIAT said in response to the published results...Read more

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