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A so called learning expedition on the use of naturally extracted microorganisms from forest soils was organised in Tingo Maria, in the province of Huanuco, Peru. From the 19th to 21st of October 2009 celebrating the 1st International conference on use of microorganisms in preparation of organic manure. A learning expedition organised by La Cooperative Agraria Cafetalera Divisoria Ltda in collaboration with Progreso Programa and Agroambiente Soluciones. The exchange visit involved exposing participants to theoretical and practical sessions on the effective and efficient way of preparing fermented organic manure (Bokashi) and other mineral and multi-mineral Bio-ferments. Click here to see a video of this meeting.

In this conference, participated various coffee and cocoa producer organisations – cooperatives, from different parts of the world, that is, Africa, and Latin America who interacted and shared a wide range of knowledge and experience obtained on the use of extracted forest soil microorganisms. Uganda represented Africa in this learning expedition, and three people from three different organisations participated. The cost of their participation in the international congress was fully facilitated by Progreso Program and Progreso Network including flight tickets, travel insurance, accommodation, meals and transport while in Peru. The following people from Uganda participated in this learning expedition:

Name / Position / Organisation
Buule Ronald / Chairman / Nsangi Coffee Farmers Association
Nabutele Mathias /Chairman and Founder / COFFEE A CUP Coop Society Ltd
Kalema Andrew Joseph /Advisor / Agro Eco Louis Bolk Institute, Eastern Africa

In Peru-Lima, we were received by Mr. Fernando A, a technical field staff of CAC Divisoria and who guided the Uganda participants throughout the visit. The following were learned from Peru;
➢ Preparation of fermented organic manure using extracted forest soil microorganisms
➢ Preparation of different types of mineral element Bio-ferments
➢ Preparation of Organic pesticides and organic repellents
➢ Soil sampling and soil chromatography
➢ Use of bokashi in preparation of substrate for raising coffee and tree seedlings, vegetable production etc

From the field experience, visiting the different CAC coffee producers on their farms, we were able to see how the use of the prepared organic products containing microorganisms work to increase crop productivity as well as improving the quality without harming the environment. This learning experience was closed by the award of certificates to all participants. Above are some of the pictures taken during this learning expedition in Peru.

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Comment by Kalema Andrew Joseph on February 1, 2010 at 7:32am
Dear Rodney,Yes, we want to promote this MM technology in Africa and Uganda in particular working with producer organisation. We have started with a pilot project and the implementation is now in progress. Lets keep in touch for updates on the project. Best regards,Kalema A. Joseph
Comment by Rodney Nikkels on January 29, 2010 at 9:45am
Dear Joseph,
Is it something you are going to promote to implement in Uganda as well?
Rodney Nikkels
Comment by Progreso Network on January 13, 2010 at 9:29am
Hi Bernie,
We are working on the systematization for the CAC Divisoria in Microorganism.
At the end of this month we will have a summary in English.

All best.
Comment by Bernie Hewett on January 12, 2010 at 7:11pm
Hi, I found the article an movie very interesting. I would really like to try this on my farm.
Is there any written material which goes into a bit more depth about the actual process of preparing and using the microorganisms?

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