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We invite producer organizations to send in experiences in the following two themes:

-Marketing and access to market.
-Protection and management of biodiversity

Participate in 3 steps:

1.- Join the community and register for the group that we created for each topic.
-Marketing and access to market
-Protection and management of biodiversity

2.- Click on the button "Add a comment" and describe in few words your experience.

3.- Add some photos.


Ideas for the description of experiences in the community:

Hereby we invite you to write down and share your experience about marketing or biodiversity.
Share your experience in 5 steps:

1. Describe the history and characteristics of your organization
2. Tell your story related to marketing or biodiversity
3. Identify and describe the most important difficulties you had to cope with and successes achieved.
4. Explain what this project means for your organization or even your community.
5. Illustrate your stories with some photos.


Remember: the deadline is the 31 of August!


There will be a first and second place for each category.

The winner of the first place will receive the following;
-A video.
-A systematization of the experience.
-A cash prize of USD 2000.

The second place will be rewarded with the systematization of their experience.

All the elected experiences will be published on our platform (website, Progreso Network TV and our online community). This will generate a lot of publicity for your organization.


The jury is composed of experts in organizational development of producer organizations.

Angel Mario Martinez - Progress Program
Edith Kroese - Avance
Alba Leticia Ochoa - G.D.F. Latinoamerica

The jury will select the 4 most relevant experiences. Progreso Network will contact these four winners.

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