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Beneficial VS Harmful Insects in Coffee-Insect Diversity Inside Eco-friendly Shade Coffee


Source: Ecofriendly Coffee Organization

CREDIT: Photo courtesy of Ecofriendly Coffee Organization website.

It is a well-established fact that in all terrestrial ecosystems, insects are one of the most important and diverse components but are often neglected, despite the fact that they possess an amazing diversity in size, form and behaviour. Insects range in size from less than a millimetre to over 18 centimetres in length.

Before understanding the importance of insect diversity inside eco-friendly shade coffee, it is important to understand the role of insect diversity on Planet Earth. Other than microorganisms, insects make up most of the world’s biodiversity. Of the 1.7 million total species described, approximately 45,000 are vertebrates, 250,000 are plants and 950,000 (56%) are insects. The vast majority of terrestrial species are arthropods and most of them are believed to live in tropical forests. But the real truth is that there may be as many as ten times that many yet to be identified.

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