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By: Nicola Heath

The next step in the reinvention of coffee-drinking vessels is the HuskeeCup. It’s a cup and saucer made from coffee husks (a waste product of the coffee production process) and its designers hope it will replace the traditional ceramic variety used throughout the cafe industry.

The cup, which comes in four-, six-, and 12-ounce sizes, is custom-designed for coffee drinking – contoured for milk integration, with fins for grip and thermal dispersion.

HuskeeCup was borne from the idea of creating products using waste material from coffee production. It was generating by a team of people from the coffee industry: Joshua Jagelman, a coffee grower and director of Yunnan Coffee Traders; Saxon Wright, founder of Pablo and Rusty’s; and Adrian Chen, Michael Chin and Nicole Barnes. They worked with Vert Design’s Andrew Simpson and Edward Ko on the product’s design.

Zero waste is their ultimate goal, says Barnes, the company’s operations manager. They hope a Kickstarter campaign will raise the capital needed to get the project off the ground. The production phase is scheduled to run until November, before distribution commences in December.

When preparing coffee, ripe coffee cherries are harvested and then processed. The next step, milling – where coffee is hulled, polished, graded and sorted – generates the husks. Roasting and brewing complete the process.

To make the cup, coffee husks are blended with other materials such as eco-friendly polymers and dyes. A machine then presses the blended material into the design. The result is durable, dishwasher-friendly and recyclable.

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