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Progreso Network Challenge

By Progreso Network

Source; Progreso Network

Title: Access to finance for small holder coffee farmers

Challenge Question: Do small holder coffee farmers require to borrow money in order to sustain their farming activities and if so how can they access the…


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First Global Study on Climate Change and Arabica Predicts ‘Severe Losses’

Source: Daily Coffee News

coffee plant climate change

2011 Creative Commons photo by Neil Palmer for CIAT.

Arabica coffees will have to be grown at higher elevations in…


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Prunning and rejuvention (Lesson Two)

By Progreso Network

Lesson 2: When and how often do farmers need to prune and rejuvenate coffee trees?

  • Main pruning: Every year once harvest is complete. After rains an extra pruning is required to remove unwanted suckers.
    • § Prune immediately after main crop (January and August).
    • § Sick looking trees due to dieback NOT to be pruned until after following rain season.  Prune only after the new…

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Fairtrade Recognizes Outstanding Organizations and Individuals


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FTOK/Progreso end of project ceremony 2009-2014

On 14th June 2014 FTOK held a colorful celebration in Gakundu FCS, Embu County to mark the end of four years of collaborations between FTOK, Progreso, Gakundu FCS and Kagaari north FCS.  People present during the event were; Angel Mario Martinez, coordinator of Progreso activities, Member of Parliament, Manyatta constituency, Embu County, Chairmen and board members of Progreso supported coffee co-operatives, FTOK team among other people were present during the event. …


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What does the leaf rust attack mean for African Coffee farmers?

By Emma Bladyka, SCAA Coffee Science Manager

It is clear that many Central American countries are experiencing a devastating outbreak of coffee leaf rust, which is affecting current yields and will likely affect subsequent harvests. The SCAA is committed to utilizing association resources to address this problem with a variety of actions. Part of that commitment is helping those of us in consuming countries understand what is going on in some of our most important specialty…


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Webinar - Access to credit for agricultural SMEs

Your organization needs sustainable financing to cover expenses

 prior to the harvest and also to be able to export.

Still, most banks say it is too risky to provide your cooperative with such finance.

You want to avoid moneylenders that charge unreasonably high interest rates.

But you do not know what other financial institutions offer more…


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PN Migrates to the south

We are happy to announce that the English speaking Progreso Network platform from now on will be facilitated by the Fair Trade Organization of Kenya (FTOK).

After 4 years of management in the Netherlands by Progreso Foundation, Progreso Network is ready to make an important shift, namely by letting an organization from the South take over the management of Progreso Network. We think it is important that a community for the South is also managed by an organization from the…


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Climate change: how a warming world is a threat to our food supplies

By;John Vidal,The Observer,The

Global warming is exacerbating political instability as tensions brought on by food insecurity rise. With research suggesting the issue can only get worse....…


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Results of the survey: Why are you here?

The results are in! As you probably have seen we had a poll asking members why they are a part of the Progreso Network community. The aim of the poll was to get your opinions on the community so that we can improve it.

There was also a reward for partaking in the survey; by filling in our questionnaire…


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Great potential from ProClimate Challenge Winners

It has been a difficult task to choose between all the entries received, but after careful consideration by our judging panel, we can finally announce the winners for the ProClimate Challenge! The jury members evaluated the submissions based on its impact on climate change adaption and mitigation, the level of business-like approach, its replicability and scalability, the use of an integrated value chain approach, and the level of improvement of farmer’s livelihood…

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Kenya Coffee Challenge award ceremony


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Winners from the Kenya Coffee Consumption Challenge!

February 9, 2011

First of all we would like to thank the Kenyan community for its great participation in the Challenge. “How to Increase Local Coffee Consumption in Kenya” came to an end on 31 December 2010, and we had received over 100 great ideas!

The selection of the finalists was based on general… Continue

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Comment, 23 December, Jos Algra…


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It is interesting that the Kenyan coffee producers labor so hard and settle down with a cup of tea after a long day toiling on the coffee farm. How can we turn this nation of tea drinkers into a coffee consuming society... no offense for tea lovers like myself. Maybe some may feel this is not necessary but if the country also became a consumer of her coffee this would help drive the market. A good way would be to get the youth involved. Any…


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Fair Trade should renew itself

By Carlijne Vos on the 12th of March 2010, 00:00, updated 12th of March 2010 15:14

Coffee producers profit from the certifications of the large coffee toasters. These render a better harvest and therewith a higher income. ‘FairTrade should consider that to be a victory’.

‘Show a coffee producer in Nicaragua one of the colorful coffee cups from… Continue

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Financial Marketplace, central to bridging sustainable financing gap

The Finance Alliance for Sustainable Trade (FAST), with the support of Oxfam Novib and the Citi Foundation, has launched an online Financial Marketplace to improve access to finance for sustainable small and medium enterprises (SMEs) around the world.

The Financial Marketplace is a web-based access point, which consolidates all the financial services… Continue

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What is the added value of the different certifications for producer organizations?

A recent publication from a recognized Dutch university comparing the impact of different certification schemes on the lives of small scale coffee producers in Nicaragua has sparked a debate in The Netherlands about the benefits to producers of different certification schemes and the future of Fair Trade.

The research conducted by the Center for Development Studies of the University of Nijmegen amongst 350 coffee producers in northern Nicaragua focused on a comparison…


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