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Thinking beyond credit

The following is an article from the Leisa magazine, Volume 26 No 2, published in June 9 2010.

Text and photos by: Jan Douwe van der Ploeg.

Professor of rural sociology at Wageningen University, the Netherlands

"Credit is often seen as an indispensable vehicle for the poor to get out of poverty, or as the tool that allows…

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Money for farming: Everybody benefits from financial products for small-scale farmers

The following is an article from the Leisa magazine, Volume 26 No 2, published in June 9 2010.

by: Petra Rooijakkers

Money for farming not only means access to credit, but also access to other financial products and services. Small-scale farmers can also benefit from being able to insure themselves against risk and being able to save. When it comes to money, there is a gap between what small-scale farmers need and what they have access to. But this…

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Contract Farming Checklist : A tool on reflection of critical issues in contract farming arrangements in developing countries

The document is a useful tool from the point of view of the investor developed by the University Wageningen, ICCO and EVD.

For a quick brief of what the document contains : "Investors that plan to work with contract farming in developing countries face opportunities and risks. Investment proposals are frequently based on optimistic assumptions without thoroughly analyzing the probabilities that things may go out of hand. In this checklist we list…

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Coffee Market Update Report by Richard Hide (Twin Trading)

Note on this report: Richard Hide is producing it as part of the Twin African Market Representative Agency/JMI initiative. While the markets are so volatile this Blog will be updated a couple of times a week.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The markets closed sharply down last… Continue

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The Coffee Guide : Contracts

The ITC (International Trade Center) has available THE COFFEE GUIDE. This is written for use by growers, processors, traders, exporters, coffee associations and people engaged in transport, finance, quality control, certification and other related sectors in coffee… Continue

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Objective: The aim of this Export Coaching Program (ECP) is to assist producers and exporters of natural ingredients in developing countries in entering the European market and establishing sustainable trade relationships with European buyers. This program is conducted by the Center for the Promotion of Imports from…

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Coffee: World Markets and Trade


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Business management assistance from European corporate professionals

SharePeople offers business management assistance and technical assistance to producer associations, unions, cooperatives and business development service providers in Peru, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, India and the Philippines.

SharePeople connects you with (a) European corporate professional(s) who will work on your location for a period of 2 to 6 weeks on your… Continue

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Sustainable Coffee Certifications: A Comparison Matrix

Created by the SCAA Sustainability Committee (2009)

By: Adam Kline…


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FAST Financial Fair


Bringing Quality Finance to Sustainable Producers

Montreal, May 19th 2010

Following up on the success of the Sustainable Finance Forum event organized alongside Ramacafe 2009, in Managua, Nicaragua,… Continue

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The TwinCafé Bulletin

New York Arabica prices hit a 2 month low (130.20 basis second position) as well as, one day later, a two week high (134.70). This just goes to show how calm the market is at the moment. The last two weeks’ moves were dominated by technical moves in prices. There was little physical news out to move the market.

From a physical point of view you may imagine that the way forward is down. Good crops expected from the top four producers:… Continue

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The Organic Business Guide

The Organic Business Guide By Bo van Elzakker (Agro Eco Louis Bolk Institute, The Netherlands,

and Frank Eyhorn (Helvetas Organic & Fair Trade Competence Centre, Switzerland,

©IFOAM and collaborating organisations (Helvetas, Agro Eco Louis…

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It is interesting that the Kenyan coffee producers labor so hard and settle down with a cup of tea after a long day toiling on the coffee farm. How can we turn this nation of tea drinkers into a coffee consuming society... no offense for tea lovers like myself. Maybe some may feel this is not necessary but if the country also became a consumer of her coffee this would help drive the market. A good way would be to get the youth involved. Any…


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Microorganism Technique Now in Africa

For the first time in Africa – Uganda in particular, producer organisations are now engaged in the use of efficient indigenous or…


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Traders as agents of sustainability in coffee and cocoa supply chains

Dutch Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH) is an expertise centre. They document and distribute best practices, models, studies and reports on accelerating and up-scaling sustainable trade.

This booklet was used as background information for…

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Quiz:Test your coffee knowledge

From CNN.

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Financial Marketplace, central to bridging sustainable financing gap

The Finance Alliance for Sustainable Trade (FAST), with the support of Oxfam Novib and the Citi Foundation, has launched an online Financial Marketplace to improve access to finance for sustainable small and medium enterprises (SMEs) around the world.

The Financial Marketplace is a web-based access point, which consolidates all the financial services… Continue

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Fair Trade should renew itself

By Carlijne Vos on the 12th of March 2010, 00:00, updated 12th of March 2010 15:14

Coffee producers profit from the certifications of the large coffee toasters. These render a better harvest and therewith a higher income. ‘FairTrade should consider that to be a victory’.

‘Show a coffee producer in Nicaragua one of the colorful coffee cups from… Continue

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