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Soaring coffee costs force Smuckers profit warning


JM Smucker underlined the difficulty for coffee roaster posed by soaring bean costs as it warned that an attempt to pass on the prices raise to consumer had prompted a 20% sales slump at its Folgers brand, cutting group earnings prospects.

The US coffee and snacks icon, whose brands include Dunkin Donuts and Pillsbury, ditched hopes of sales growth of 3-4% in the year to April 2015, forecasting a drop of 1% instead.

Earnings per share for the year will…


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Indonesia coffee export hopes cut as El Nino looms


Indonesian coffee exports will fall further than expected thanks to weaker production prospects blamed in the part on prospaect of El Nino weather pattern, which is attracting fresh investor attention worldwide.

Indonesia's coffee exports in 2014-2015, on an April -March basis. will tumble by 900,000 bags to a 7 year low of 6.9m bags , the US Department of Agriculture bureau in Jakarta said

The forecast, 300,000 bags below the USDA's official forecast,…


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Brazil coffee crop 'better than initially thought'


Coffee output in Brazil, the top producing country, may not have fallen as far as thought this year,US Official said "the harvest in third ranked grower Colombia beating earlier expectations too.

US Department of Agriculture foreign staff upped forecast from the two countries this season…


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SOFTS-Arabica coffee price edges higher, boosted by supply outlook

By Nigel Hunt- Reuters Africa

LONDON, Nov 19 (Reuters) - Arabica coffee futures on ICE edged higher on Wednesday, supported by the prospect of tightening supplies, while cocoa and sugar prices were holding at little changed levels.

March arabica coffee futures on ICE rose 0.90 cents or 0.5 percent to $1.9380 per lb by 1219 GMT.

Dealers noted crop difficulties in Brazil and Central America were likely to tighten supplies, with the…


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Arabica coffee prices climbs, tests key resistance band

By Imaduddin

LONDON: Arabica coffee futures on ICE rose sharply on Wednesday to the highest level in nearly one month boosted by a more bullish outlook on price charts and the prospect of tightening supplies.

Cocoa was little changed while sugar edged…


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Mondelez Backing Up Sustainability Talk with Third -Party Auditing Partnership

By Roast Magazine

Mondelez International, the world’s second largest coffee company in terms of sales revenue, is for the first time…


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Creating Differentiation Through Quality Awards in Mantiqueira de Minas, Brazil

By Roast  Magazine

Growers and sellers in a region of Brazil’s Minas Gerais are organizing to promote the quality of their coffees, last week holding the first annual Mantiqueira de…


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Prunning and rejuvention (Lesson Two)

By Progreso Network

Lesson 2: When and how often do farmers need to prune and rejuvenate coffee trees?

  • Main pruning: Every year once harvest is complete. After rains an extra pruning is required to remove unwanted suckers.
    • § Prune immediately after main crop (January and August).
    • § Sick looking trees due to dieback NOT to be pruned until after following rain season.  Prune only after the new…

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Coffee Prices Hit 2.5-Year High, While Brazilian Expert Skeptical About 2015/16 Crop

Source: Daily Coffee News

green coffee

Creative Commons photo by Thangaraj Kumaravel

The average price of coffee worldwide reached its highest…


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Purple Tea

By :Tea Research Foundation of Kenya and Clone name is TRFK306/1

Special attributes

  • Anthocyanin-rich (purple pigmentation) - Medical tea products (Prevents some cancer and good remedy to prevent skin…

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Coffee conference in Providence covers

By Lynn Arditi- Journal Staff Writer

Inside a packed conference hall, Jesse Medley closed his eyes and raised a tiny cup to his nose.

The 36-year-old construction worker and specialty coffee roaster from Ayer, Mass., was trying to identify the scent.

“Resinness?” offered someone a few seats away. “Flowery,” said another. “Fruity… ”

The lesson in olfaction was part of a “palate development” workshop on Saturday at the eighth annual Mid-Atlantic/Northeast Coffee…


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Tea Husbandly

1.Mother Bush Identification

Select mother bush of elite clones with good adaptability and production.

Some commercial clones are: 31/8, 304/1,SFS/150

2.Nursery Establish

Site Selection

  1. Should be near a permanent source of water
  2. Should be well sheltered from prevailing winds
  3. Not under a shade
  4. Soil should be free draining
  5. Soil PH between 5.0 and 5.8 ideal.…


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Organic Farming

Organic farming is a form of agricultural farming that relies on techniques such as green manure, composting and biological pest and disease control. Organic farming uses fertilizers, fungicides, pesticides and herbicides which are natural. They are natural since they are made from plants and animals.

Organic farming does not use chemicals pesticide, fungicides and synthetic fertilizers. It does not use human sewage sludge as fertilizer due to health and safety issues.



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Pruning and Rejuvenation

Lesson 1: Why do farmers need to rejuvenate and prune coffee trees?

 Rejuvenation is re-cycling old coffee main stems to bring up completely new young stems. It is also referred to as change of cycle. This can be done through gradual replacement or clean stumping.

 Pruning is the…


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Europe develops taste for China's coffee

By Reuters

China may be best known for tea but it's emerging as a key coffee producer. One of the world's biggest coffee merchants. Switzerland's Volcafe  recently signed a joint venture with a Chinese producer. Hayley Platt looks at what's happening to the coffee industry.

70 million cups of coffee are consumed in Britain everyday. It could soon…


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2014 Coffee Fest National Winners and The Making of “America’s Best Espresso”

By Roast Magazine

Coffee Fest held its final show of the year this month in Portland, including the national competitions for its three flagship events: America’s Best Coffeehouse barista focused, America’s Best Espresso (roaster-focused) and the Latte Art World Championship open…


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