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African coffee industry gains steam

By Innocent Anguyo and Isis Almeida | Bloomberg News

A coffee buyer inspects Kenyan coffee beans in May which he intends to buy for export in the samples room at the Nairobi coffee exchange in Nairobi, Kenya. PHOTO: Riccardo Gangale/Bloomberg News…


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Beneficial VS Harmful Insects in Coffee-Insect Diversity Inside Eco-friendly Shade Coffee


Source: Ecofriendly Coffee Organization…


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High prices encourage coffee production in East Africa, but challenges remain

Source: Agritrade

USDA has posted its annual reviews of coffee production in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia. The Kenyan report notes that record and near-record prices ‘have increased interest in producing and exporting high-quality Kenyan coffee’, with investments being made in improved varieties and production practices. USDA projects exports of 725,000 60-kg bags in marketing year (MY) 2012 and 800,000 in MY 2013.  This will still be below the 900,000 60-kg bags achieved in…


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AFCA in Action: Tackling Gender Inequality in African Coffee Farming

Source: Perfect Daily Grind.

Did you know that women make up 75% of Africa’s coffee farming workforce?

Africa produces a vast variety of uniquely delicious coffees. From the shores of Lake Kivu, Rwanda to Kenya and the foothills of Ethiopia, you can find some of the world’s best…


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Why British coffee and tea maker Taylors prioritizes supplier resilience

By Hugh Bowring

Source: GreenBiz

Photo courtesy from GreenBiz website.

Businesses no longer need to be convinced that the world is…


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KENYA: The best coffee seedlings for the suitable geographical region.

Source: Coffee Agronomy Farmers' Manual by the Fair Trade Organization of Kenya (FTOK).

coffee seedlings in a nursery.            Credit: FTOK

It is important to select the seedling variety before planting since different regions have different…


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What’s an AA SL-28? Get to Know Your Kenyan Coffees

Source: Perfect Daily Grind

Kenya’s booth at the SCA Global Coffee Expo 2017. Credit: Daniel Molinares

All eyes turned to Kenya at SCA Global Coffee Expo, as the country was named the 2017 Portrait Country. And there’s no doubt that this country…


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KCBL dishes out Sh28bil loans to coffee farmers

Source: The Citizen Newspaper

KCBL Offices in Moshi town. CREDIT: The Citizen Newspaper

Kilimanjaro Cooperative Bank Limited (KCBL) has managed to give cash loans worth Sh. 28 billion to coffee farmers since it introduced a warehouse receipt system in 2002.



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Biochar trial in Tanzania achieves stunning results

Source: Global Coffee Report Magazine

Photo Courtesy of Global Coffee Report Magazine

A trial in Tanzania of the effectiveness of a highly porous charcoal made from organic waste has demonstrated its potential to significantly improve coffee yields while reducing input…


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Coffee Consumption

Coffee as a commodity is largely farmed in many parts of Africa continent as a cash crop with the bulk of production originating from smallholder farmers and total production accounting for about 12% of the world’s production. The continent however records low coffee consumption levels as most of the producing…


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Arabica prices temporarily under pressure while Robusta gains

Source: The International Coffee Organization (ICO)

The coffee market was volatile with Arabica prices tumbling and subsequently recovering to previous levels while Robusta closed higher. Exports in June remained strong at 10.9 million bags, 8.8% higher than last year, leading to large inventories in importing countries. Hence, the coffee market is well supplied going into the critical month of July when frosts remain possible in Brazil.…


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Tourists are flocking as Tablelands coffee growers rip into harvesting

ByTom Volling.

Source: The Cairns Post

Jaques Coffee Plantation co-manager Robert Jaques lies inside the coffee harvester. CREDIT: The Cairns Post.…


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Kenya primarily grows Arabica coffee with five main varieties. These include SL 28, SL 34, K 7, Ruiru 11 and Batian.

SL 28 – The variety is recommended for medium to high altitudes and gives a good yield. The cup is of excellent quality. However, it is highly susceptible to coffee berry disease and leaf rust.…


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Climate change will wipe out half of Ethiopia’s coffee-growing area

By James Ayre.

Source: Red, Green & Blue Org.

The birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia, is likely to lose up to half of its total coffee-growing area by the end of the century as a result of anthropogenic climate change and its effects, according to a new study.

As it…


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Group seeks to demystify ‘male crop’ view of coffee farming


Source: Daily Nation, Kenya.

Mr and Mrs Amani, who have started to jointly farm coffee following sensitisation through a programme called the Gender Action Learning System (Gals), which seeks to demystify…


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TaCRI launches scheme to increase coffee production.

By Zephania Ubwani.

Source: The Citizen Newspaper.

Moshi — The Tanzania Coffee Research Institute (TaCRI) has embarked on a training programme for farmers on modern crop husbandry in order to enable coffee to regain its lost glory.

Under the programme, several farmers in Kilimanjaro Region have been assisted in forming groups under which they are exposed to techniques to produce high yielding and…


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Thoughts On The UTZ And Rainforest Alliance Merger

By: Kraig Kraft  Source: Daily Coffee News

Over the past 36 months, the coffee industry has seen a wave of consolidations roll through the retail and manufacturing sectors, and those of us on the sidelines have been trying to figure out what it all means (see Sara Morrocchi’s great talk at Re:co Dublin last…


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East Africa: How to Boost Coffee Yields Amid Harsh Weather Conditions

By Lominda Afedraru

Source: AllAfrica

Coffee is a major agricultural commodity in Africa, including Uganda. It is where most people derive their livelihood because it is mainly grown for commercial benefits.

The main type of coffee produced in Uganda is Robusta and it grows well in low altitude areas of central, eastern, western and southern Uganda up to 1,200 metres.

In Uganda, farmers are…


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Source: Uganda Coffee Federation

Photo credit: Uganda Coffee Federation website

Introducing Uganda Coffee

Uganda is one of the world’s major Robusta producers. Some Arabica is also grown in…


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Ethiopia's coffee is the latest victim of climate change



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