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Coffee marketing strategies webinar

On 26th September, 2014, Progreso Network in collaboration with Fair Trade Organization of Kenya organized a webinar on “ coffee marketing strategies “. The webinar started at  3.00 P.M  EAT.

This webinar was facilitated by Ms. Vava Angwenyi a coffee entrepreneur from…


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Arabica coffee prices

By National Union of Coffee Agribusiness and farm Enterprises

Arabica coffee prices have plunged into an all-time low, trading at sh5,300 per kilogramme of premium parchment, about half the price it cost the same period last year. 

Premium parchment traded at sh10,000 last December before…

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Kenya coffee prices fall at latest sale

Source:Reuters, Nairobi

The maximum price of Kenya's top grade AA coffee fell at this week's auction to $300 per bag from $323 at last week's sale, the Nairobi Coffee Exchange said on Tuesday.

The east African nation is a fairly small producer by global standards, but its quality beans are used by roasters to blend with beans from other regions.

Grade AA coffee COF-AA-KE sold at $187-$300 per bag, down from $199-$323 at last week's auction, the exchange said in a…


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Tanzania arabica coffee prices rise, robusta down

By Reuters Africa

DAR ES SALAAM (Reuters) - Average arabica coffee prices in Tanzania, Africa's fourth-largest producer, edged higher at auction after prices rose in the New York coffee market, the country's coffee board said on Tuesday.…


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Harenna Forest Wild Coffee Ethiopia

By Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity

Ethiopia is the country where coffee originated and the only place in the world where you can find plants in a wild state. For thousands of years families have…


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Ethiopia: Coffee growers earn a better price, protect the environment

By Aster Beyene Werka Cooperative

Berhanu Beyene, a soft spoken 45-year old coffee grower in Werka, Yirgacheffe, says what is good for the environment is also good for business. He calls the giant sycamore trees and the many other indigenous trees that so gracefully loom over his…


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Public-Private Partnerships Failing Smallholders (See Nyeri), Says Fairtrade Foundation

Source: Daily Coffee News

ppps fairtrade

“A Seat at the Table?” The Fairtrade Foundation’s report on the importance of smallholders in…


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Coffee shop crooks learn not to mess with annoyed baristas: These caffeine lovers are crime fighters

By Tyler Rudick

Burglars in Katy messed with the wrong coffee shop when they broke  into a locally-owned cafe to steal hundreds of dollars in cash and…


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Culturelist Indie Coffee Joints

By Carol Gallay, Dillon Sorensen

Greenway Plaza Suite C-610

News_Greenway Coffee Company

Coffee is elevated to an art form at this ultra-secret spot tucked inside the Green-way Plaza 5 food court. Owners David Buehrer and Ecky Prabanto have dedicated themselves to pursing excellence throughout the coffee process, from importing and roasting their own coffee beans to constantly tweaking their espresso machine to serve better beverages. Their passion for quality and customer…


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6 Surprising Health Benefits of Coffee

By James Demedeiros

Do you smell it? Can you taste it? For some people, that unmistakable smell and delectable taste are the main reasons to pry themselves out of bed each morning. What is it? It’s the eye-opening and mouth-watering beverage that’s consumed by an  estimated 100 million…


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Coffee production

By Nescafe

Making a cup of coffee might seem like the easiest thing in the world. But have you thought of all the people who help make that coffee? About 60 million people are involved in the coffee industry. Read on and see how much work and care has gone into your cup.

It all starts on…


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What could help make the future of coffee farmers more sustainable?

By Fairtrade Foundation Supporters

Fairtrade Foundation's head of policy, Tim Aldred, attended a conference in Peru that saw coffee growers from across Latin America come together to discuss the state of their industry.

A fairtrade coffee farmer looks at his plants. The…

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Coffee shop owner offers experience, advice on starting a small business

By Zeke Jennings

JACKSON, MI –Crowd funding is a growing way to start or expand a small business, but it cannot replace sustainability.

The majority of sole proprietorships don't make it past 18 months.

Cuppa coffee shop, owned by Evan and Koren Farmer, celebrated its third anniversary…


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Your Coffee Might Have Wheat or Twigs Hidden in It

By Alexandra Sifferlin

Do you think your morning cup of joe — before you put the cream and sugar in, anyway — is pure unadulterated ground beans? Think again.

Coffee shortages caused by climate change have increased the likelihood…


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Harvesting Coffee Beans

By Miss Ellie

Ripe cherries are either harvested by hand, stripped from the tree with both unripe and overripe beans, or all the coffee beans are collected using a harvesting machine.  These processes are called selective picking,…


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Coffee got its buzz by a different route than tea

By Ewen Callaway

Caffeine's buzz is so nice it evolved twice. The coffee genome has now been published, and it reveals that the coffee plant makes caffeine using a different set of genes from those found in tea, cacao and other perk-you-up plants.

Coffee plants are…


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Brazil's drought-hit coffee belt turns to machines to lower costs

By Caroline Stauffer

 Years of low coffee prices followed by the worst drought in decades in Brazil have pushed even the smallest family farmers to buy modern machinery rather than rely on increasingly scarce and expensive labor.

Brazil's crop supply agency Conab noted an "intense trade in…


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Tanzania arabica coffee prices rise, tracking New York market

Source: Reuters Africa

Tanzania's arabica coffee prices rose at auction last week, tracking higher New York markets as demand increased, the regulator Tanzania Coffee Board (TCB) said on Tuesday.

    Prices of robusta coffee beans fell at the second auction of the season, but all the bags on offer were sold.

    Tanzania, Africa's fourth-largest coffee producer after Ethiopia, Uganda and Ivory Coast, produces mainly arabica and…


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