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July 2016 Blog Posts (13)

Robusta Coffee Makes a Comeback in Africa

By: Nichola Bariyo                    Source: ThTheWallStreetJournal

MASAKA Uganda—From Uganda to Ivory Coast, production of the bitter-tasting robusta coffee…


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Gabon Sets Up Fund to Purchase Yearly Cocoa, Coffee Harvests

BY: Pauline Bax                                      Source: Bloomberg

Gabon set up a fund to purchase cocoa and coffee beans harvested in the central African nation, a move meant to boost the agriculture sector and guarantee an income for at least 3,000 farmers.

The state-run Stabilization Fund, known as Caistab, has made 200 million CFA…


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Farmers urged to embrace green agric to contain climate change

By:Theogene Nsengimana                          Source: NewTimes

Rwandan farmers should practice environmentally-friendly agriculture if the country is to cope with climate changes, government officials said yesterday.

The remarks were in response to the State of Environment and Outlook Report 2015, released yesterday in Kigali on the occasion to mark the World…


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GDP Growth Slows in Coffee Producer Uganda as Farm Output Stalls

By: Hellen Mwaura                          Source: Bloomberg

Economic growth in Uganda slowed to 3.5 percent in the first three months of the year as agriculture and…


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Coca-Cola to start producing coffee and milk

By: Gerson Freitas Jr.                                                   

Coca-Cola, which for more than a decade has…


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What did you miss in World of coffee 2016 - Dublin?

Source: Perfect Daily Grind |…


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Study Finds Living Wage Gap for Workers in World’s Biggest Coffee Region

By:Nick Brown                                                 Source:DailyCoffeeNews…


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Brexit set to leave a bitter taste for coffee drinkers

By: Natalie Whittle                                                                                     Source:FinancialTimes

There have been many forecasts of economic pain…


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How Donating Roasters Can Help Farmers at Origin – In 1 VIDEO

Imagine a barista, serving hundreds of Americanos, lattes, and pour overs every single day, who’s never tried their own coffee. Crazy, right?

But for many farmers, that’s the reality of their lives. A large number of producers lack the equipment to roast and brew their own beans – and this isn’t just a gross disservice to them. It’s also a barrier to good…


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5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Drink Coffee

source: | Article by: Adam Fridman | image credits: Getty…


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Americans' Coffee Guzzling Is Pushing Bean Prices Higher

By: Laura Lorenzetti                                       Source:Fortune

Consumption is at an all-time high.

U.S. coffee drinkers are consuming more of the brew than ever, helping to send global coffee…


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Kenya banks on saccos to lift growth of coffee, cotton

By:Brian Ngugi                                               Source: Nation

The government wants to multiply the gains made by cooperative movements as it looks to the sector to scale up the fortunes of crops such as cotton and coffee and their value chains.

Industrialisation Cabinet Secretary Adan Mohamed says adequate…


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U.S. Caffeine Binge Drives Global Coffee Demand Higher: Chart

By: Marvin G Perez                                         Source:Bloomberg

American consumers…


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