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July 2014 Blog Posts (10)

Direct Trade Myths and Why Some Farmers Can’t Afford to Care About Quality

By Nora Burkey

coffee farmers beans in hand

Creative Commons photo by Neil Palmer for CIAT

Direct trade, albeit…


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Technology contribution on Coffee Plantations and Growers

Coffee plantation managers can receive immediate benefits from technology feature rich coffee plantation management systems designed for Coffee growers, Coffee plantationers, and Coffee plantations. Coffee plantation is easier and more efficient with technology for Coffee plantation Management…


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By Judy Ganes-Chase

he United States is still the global leader in world cof­fee con­sump­tion, but Brazil is catch­ing up fast with annual use of more than 18 mil­lion bags and demand grow­ing at 3%-5% annu­ally. US cof­fee imports sur­passed 24 mil­lion bags last year, up approx­i­mately two mil­lion from the year before. While a good proxy for demand over time, remem­ber that imports also need to be con­sid­ered in rela­tion to re-exports and the net…


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A Brief History of Global Coffee Production As We Know It (1963-2013)

Source: Daily Coffee News

history of coffee production

Coffee, with a capital C, is a fragile organism.

Its supply is essential to the billions of people depending on it in their cups, as it is to the millions of people who work to put it there. We consider coffee supply on a daily basis as it applies to present and…


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Fairtrade Recognizes Outstanding Organizations and Individuals


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Africa: Climate Change Threatens Your Cup of Coffee As Soon As 2020 By Megan Rowling, 2 July 2014 

Areas suitable for coffee growing will decrease substantially by as soon as 2020 due to climate change impacts in major producing countries, a new report warns.

"The situation is alarming," said the Coffee Barometer 2014, produced by a group of environment and development organisations including Oxfam-Novib, Hivos and WWF. Severe droughts, like that in Brazil this year, warmer temperatures or heavy rains make the…


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Coffee harvests and seasons

By Grumpy Mule

The journey from tree to cup can certainly be time consuming. Whilst most natural products tend to be at their finest more or less immediately, some of the more complex food and drink products require patience – think great wines or…


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Thin Months Revisited: Food Scarcity in Green Mountain’s Supply Chain from 2007 to 2013

Source: Daily Coffee News

food scarcity among coffee farmers

Photo courtesy of CIAT

Make no mistake, food scarcity among smallholders and hired farmworkers…


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When growing coffee conserves biodiversity

By Stefanie Neno

There are several ways to grow coffee, from the traditional shaded plantation, where a canopy of trees protects coffee plants from the sun, all the way to intensive, full-sun coffee production, where only coffee plants are grown to, theoretically, increase yields.…


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The cultivation of Coffee

By Baru Black Mountain Cafe

The coffee plants are bushes of the gender “coffea” and the family of “rubiáceos”, growing in tropical zones. There are two species which are used to produce the beverage though other species of the coffee gender was tested, however with little success nor…


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