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June 2017 Blog Posts (22)

Group seeks to demystify ‘male crop’ view of coffee farming


Source: Daily Nation, Kenya.

Mr and Mrs Amani, who have started to jointly farm coffee following sensitisation through a programme called the Gender Action Learning System (Gals), which seeks to demystify…


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TaCRI launches scheme to increase coffee production.

By Zephania Ubwani.

Source: The Citizen Newspaper.

Moshi — The Tanzania Coffee Research Institute (TaCRI) has embarked on a training programme for farmers on modern crop husbandry in order to enable coffee to regain its lost glory.

Under the programme, several farmers in Kilimanjaro Region have been assisted in forming groups under which they are exposed to techniques to produce high yielding and…


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Thoughts On The UTZ And Rainforest Alliance Merger

By: Kraig Kraft  Source: Daily Coffee News

Over the past 36 months, the coffee industry has seen a wave of consolidations roll through the retail and manufacturing sectors, and those of us on the sidelines have been trying to figure out what it all means (see Sara Morrocchi’s great talk at Re:co Dublin last…


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East Africa: How to Boost Coffee Yields Amid Harsh Weather Conditions

By Lominda Afedraru

Source: AllAfrica

Coffee is a major agricultural commodity in Africa, including Uganda. It is where most people derive their livelihood because it is mainly grown for commercial benefits.

The main type of coffee produced in Uganda is Robusta and it grows well in low altitude areas of central, eastern, western and southern Uganda up to 1,200 metres.

In Uganda, farmers are…


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Source: Uganda Coffee Federation

Photo credit: Uganda Coffee Federation website

Introducing Uganda Coffee

Uganda is one of the world’s major Robusta producers. Some Arabica is also grown in…


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Ethiopia's coffee is the latest victim of climate change



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30 Uganda coffee factories closed over unripe coffee

Source: The Independent Magazine, Uganda.

Hundreds of coffee farmers in districts of Lwengo, Sembabule, Masaka were left counting their losses after the Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) shut down thirty coffee factories last week over alleged unripe coffee.

The action has rendered…


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Kenya sleeps, Uganda wakes up and smells the coffee

By Charles Onyango-Obbo

Source: The East African

A few days ago, there was a story tucked away inside Kenya’s Standard newspaper.

It said coffee factories in western Kenya had closed, because farmers were no longer selling the beans to them. They were selling it to, wait for it, Uganda!

In Uganda, they were quoted saying, they were getting the equivalent of Ksh100 ($1) per kilo. At home, however, they were getting only…


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Coffee and Climate Change

By Rita Yu

Source: CSR Asia

Coffee production and consumption have risen considerably over the past few decades, with 2.25 billion cups of coffee being consumed daily worldwide. But the future availability and price of coffee are going to be impacted by climate change and farmers who grow it may lose their livelihoods.

Coffee is cultivated mostly in developing countries along the “Bean Belt” – which comprises around 70 countries, including Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia,…


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Future Energy: Will buses be run on coffee?

 By Jane Wakefield      Source: BBC

Green entrepreneur Arthur Kay wants the red buses that have become a landmark of London to run on fuel generated by coffee waste.

He runs Biobean, a start-up which is gathering waste from coffee chains such as Costa and converting it into liquid fuel.

The firm is due to unveil a coffee-run bus in the capital in a few weeks.

In London, the need to get cleaner air is vital -…


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Meet Algrano: A Tech-Based Platform Connecting Roasters and Producers

By Nick Brown.  Source: Daily Coffee News

The relationship between buyers and producers is in many ways the engine that drives upmarket specialty coffee, especially as traceability, farm to cup, direct trade and related concepts are gaining traction among conscientious consumers. Of course, this relationship can be a fuzzy one, naturally limited by lack of direct or meaningful access between these two key, independent links in the specialty coffee chain.

A coffee…


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Coffee Market Report – May 2017: Coffee prices continue to fall albeit at a lower rate

Source: International Coffee Organization (ICO)

Coffee prices continued to fall as the market remains well supplied and inventories in consuming countries are high as a result of strong exports in the first seven months of the coffee year. For the first time in three years, Colombian Milds traded above Other Milds. Finally, Conab have released their second estimate of production in Brazil for 2017/18, which they forecast is to decrease by 11.3% to 45.56 million bags compared to crop…


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Rainforest Alliance to merge with UTZ to form single certification body

By Michael Holder

Source: Business Green

Photo Credit: BusinessGreen website.

New supply chain sustainability certification organisation to continue under…


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What Sets East Africa Apart?

Written by Danielle Kilbride.

 Source: Perfect Daily Grind.

Ripe coffee cherries in Tanzania. Credit: Olam…


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Soil fertility status of coffee growing areas in Tanzania.

By:  Maro, G.P; Monyo, H; Nkya, E  &  Teri, J.M.

Source: Tanzania Coffee Research Institute (TaCRI).


The objective of this work was to review critically the relationship between soil fertility status and coffee productivity in the Tanzanian coffee growing areas. An inventory of soil-related information for the coffee areas in the country was made by TACRI through…


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Here's What Climate Change Looks Like To Uganda's Coffee Farmers



If you've ever bought coffee labeled "Uganda" and wondered what life is like in that faraway place where the beans were grown, now's your chance to see how climate change has affected the lives of Ugandan coffee farmers — through their own eyes.

Rising temperatures and prolonged drought can make coffee trees less productive and increase their exposure to pests and diseases. This is especially a problem in Uganda, where nearly…


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The Science Behind Coffee Withdrawal

By ZAC CADWALADER  Source: Sprudge

It’s not a lack of coffee that gives me a headache, it’s all the stupid questions that seem to swarm around my uncaffeinated moments. Surely I can’t be required to know with 100% accuracy if I’ve already changed my six-month old daughter’s diaper or not when I haven’t had any coffee. That’s downright unreasonable, right?

Obviously, not having coffee doesn’t have much effect on me, but others aren’t so lucky. Headaches, lethargy,…


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Flavorful journey into coffee provenance

By: Bina Betiati

Source: Jakarta Post

What could unite a café owner, IT specialists, a financial expert, an environmentalist, a barista and an employee of an energy company? It’s coffee. They all went on a recent trip organized by the Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia (SCAI) to Central Aceh and Bener Meriah, both in Aceh province, to explore the…


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High Brew Coffee Raises $17M in Series B Funding Round

By Howard Bryman Source: Daily Coffee News.

In three short years, Austin, Texas-based High Brew Coffee has achieved an impressive extent of market presence with its canned RTD cold brew products, which are already fixtures on shelves across the United States in such major chain grocery stores as Whole Foods, Target, Safeway and more.

In its first round of venture capital fundraising last year…


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Women, jobseekers and young farmers in Embu urged to join Nestlé coffee project


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