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June 2016 Blog Posts (15)

Under the Microscope: What Does a Coffee Exporter Do?

Article by: M. Fury and edited by H. Paull  | Source: Perfect Daily Grind | Photo Credit: M. Fury

Coffee exporters play a…


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How used coffee capsules are recycled to grow vegetables

By: Sean Yap                                   Source:AsiaOneNews

Did you know that the coffee you use to get your daily latte fix also helps in growing the vegetables…


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The struggles of Mexican fair trade coffee producers

By: Lorne Matalon                        Source:Marketplace

When it works, fair trade coffee works well. The lives of untold thousands of small-scale coffee growers are better for the income and stability that well-run fair trade relationships bring. But some growers in one of the world's most important coffee growing regions aren't seeing the benefits…


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Nestle's Coffee Business Is Competing With Itself

By:Corinne Grettler                        Source:Bloomberg

Nespresso beware: Your status as Nestle’s favorite child is under threat from your scruffy kid brother. Nestle SA, creator of the high-end Nespresso brand of coffee pods and espresso machines, is increasingly leaning on a cheaper range of single-serve coffees that it calls Nescafe Dolce…


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Coffee business brewing in Ivory Coast

By:Nicholas Haque                                     Source: Aljazeera

Most coffee beans come to the world market from African countries such as Ivory Coast, but few companies roast and package them locally.

However, things started to change slowly and some of the Robusta variety is now being processed for local consumption.

"International brands…


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Science Finally Figured Out How to Make Coffee Even Better

It's way easier than you'd think

As it…


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Shade-Grown Coffee 101

Article by: Perfect Daily Grind  | Source:  Perfect Daily Grind | Video source: WenTV…


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Specialty or Marketability: What Are We Really Selling?

Article by: H. Georgalis of Moplaco P.L.C. and M. Leeson of…


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Forget the bitter stories, my coffee still drips with sweet returns

By:Joseph Muchiri                            Source:SDN

When the coffee sub-sector was on the verge of collapse in 1990s and early 2000s, many farmers abandoned the crop.

Despite the many problems in the sector, one farmer from Kibugu, Embu North sub-county kept hope alive.

In addition to the global factors that contributed…


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How to make coffee farming attractive to the youth

By Francis Ngige                              Source:SDN

Steps should be taken to make coffee farming attractive to the youth, a task force has said.

The average age of a coffee farmer is 60 years.

In one of the proposals that would see many youths lured into farming, the task force recommended the establishment of a coffee business school…


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Cold-Brew Coffee Options Increasing

Article By: Ed Perratore | Source: ConsumerReports

For many coffee lovers, summer heat means cooling down with an iced coffee. But…


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Wake Up, South Africa! The Coffee Revolution is Here

Article By: Anita Powell | Source: VOA

Like many South Africans, Pardon Sibanda used to think coffee was a watery instant beverage that needed sugar to make it tolerable.  Now, he’s among a growing revolution of young, black baristas in Johannesburg who are leading this nation’s coffee…


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Four Popular Coffee Myths, Debunked by Science

By:Patrick Allan                            Source:lifehacker

You crave it in the morning, you wait in long lines for it, and I’m drinking it while I write this: coffee is everywhere. But that means misinformation about it is everywhere too. Coffee doesn’t rob you of water, sober you up, or keep…


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Accurate Food Demand and Supply Forecasting

Ability to meet market requirements and consumer needs accurately, efficiently and sustainably is vital. In food demand and supply forecasting, using of ICT (Farmsoft) to create the link in the supply chain – from grower to processor, through to retailer…


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Chewable coffee? Testing the new trend of caffeine-infused gummies

By:Rheana Murray | Source:TodayFood

If you're anything like me, and I'm betting many of you are, you need a couple cups of coffee before…


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