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May 2014 Blog Posts (9)

Sustainable Values Combined with Market Tools: A Future for Specialty Coffee

by Chad Trewick of the SCAA Board and INTL FCStone…

coffee value commodity


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Coffee farmers in DRC meeting success, after decades of turmoil

 - By Margaret Rooke, Guardian Professional - 

The smallholder coffee farmers of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have risked – and often given – their lives to sell their coffee.

The influx of refugees into the country which followed the genocide in neighbouring Rwanda 20…


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World Coffee Research to Lead Groundbreaking Alliance Against Leaf Rust

Source:Daily Coffee News

wcr la roya leaf rust central america

Photo courtesy of Keurig Green Mountain.

Texas A&M-based…


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The Green Coffee Buyer: A Key Link in the Coffee Supply Chain

By The specialty coffee chronicles


Green coffee buyers essentially operate right in the middle of it all: we serve as intermediaries for the coffee bean, standing between growers and final consumers. Despite the bad rap “middlemen” have received in the coffee trade over the years, speaking from the middle as a green coffee buyer myself—I love it here. Operating smack in the center of the…


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Nyeri is Just the Beginning: Some Clarification on the Controversy in Kenya

May 7 2014, Daily Coffee News - 

There is a huge storm of dust in Nyeri and Kenya’s other heralded coffee-growing regions that is nowhere near settled, as a new government-led program that purports transparency …


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Government-Appointed Watchdog Group to Look Into Kenya Coffee Sector

Source: Daily Coffee News,…

competition authority of kenya


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Shade grown coffee shrinking as a proportion of global coffee production

By University of Texas

The proportion of land used to cultivate shade grown coffee, relative to the total land area of coffee cultivation, has fallen by nearly 20 percent globally since 1996, according to a new study by scientists from The University of Texas…


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Introducing Coffee Flour

By Caroline Winter

Ripe coffee berries grow at a coffee plantation in India

Two years ago, Dan Belliveau hit upon the idea for a new product: Coffee Flour. A former director of technical services at Starbucks, Belliveau had learned about coffee production while designing and…


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Demystifying the Crisis in the Coffee Subsector

By Strathmore Business School

Over the years there has been a gradual decline in coffee production in Kenya. Statistics show that in the year 1984, Kenya was producing 160,000 metric tons of coffee. However in 2010 the production level was 60,000 metric tons. This decline begs the question: besides nurturing a new coffee drinking generation, can we also add value to our coffee? Following the policy crisis that has plagued the coffee industry in Kenya, Strathmore…


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