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Why are agricultural extension services not reaching women farmers effectively?


The agricultural extension system in Kenya has evolved through various stages since the colonial and post-independence eras. During colonial times, Agricultural extension services were mainly tailored to cater for settler and commercial farming systems. These were well-packaged programs that combined extension services with credit and subsidized inputs. However, the extension approach used for indigenous Africans, who were mainly engaged in…


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Beanstitute envisions to engage youth in Coffee Industry

Group photo of the youth participated in the workshop (standing) with the Embu county government officials and one of the trainer (seated). 

Embu is one of the coffee growing areas in Kenya, with some of the sought after cup…


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Eastern Europe Is Experiencing a Coffee-Chain Boom

By: Agnieszka De SOuza

Source: Bloomberg

When the founders of Poland’s Green Caffe Nero opened the first store nearly 15 years ago, the global ‘Starbucks-on-every-corner’ coffee-chain…


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The power of four cups of coffee a day: Beverage can cut the risk of heart disease, help you live longer and also lower the chances of developing cancer, diabetes, liver disease and dementia

By: Ben Spencer

Source: Daily Mail

They wrote: 'Coffee is highly consumed worldwide and could have positive health benefits, especially in chronic liver disease.

'Coffee consumption seems generally safe within usual levels of intake, with summary…


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Coffee and plant-based diets linked to lower heart failure risk

Less meat, more coffee. That’s the secret to reducing your risk of heart failure, according to two studies.

Heart failure is a progressive condition in which the heart cannot pump as much blood as the body needs.…


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US now top buyer of Kenyan coffee with Sh7bn purchase

Source:Business Daily

By: Gerald Andae

US purchase of Kenyan coffee has shot up 75 per cent to Sh7 billion in the current financial year, overtaking Germany and Belgium as the top buyer.

Statistics from the Coffee Directorate puts America at the top both in terms of price offered for a kilogramme and quantities bought.



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KENYA: Coffee beans make room for avocados

Publication date: 9/28/2017

Author: Rudolf Mulderij



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The Coffee Bean Belt: Climate Change Map


Source: The Financial Times…


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QUEST FOR COFFEE: Tempe man turns his intense passion for coffee into a thriving business

By: Steve Kraft

Source: Fox 10

 - A Valley man's passion for the perfect cup of coffee has led him around the world, from his base in Tempe. Now, this man is a world-renowned coffee expert, with a cafe in his own backyard.



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“Beanstitute Brings The Most Anticipated SCA Educational Programs In East Africa”

Staffs of FTOK as found in the coffee lab of Beanstitute enjoying their practical class session.  Photo: Beanstitute

Beanstitute ─ The coffee specialty institution based in Nairobi, Kenya that aimed to offer…


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Tanzania spells out pricing guidelines for fertilisers

By: Apolinaro Tairo

Source: TheEastAfrican

The Tanzanian government has set new regulations for the importation and supply of cheaper fertilisers and appointed two firms to supply 55,000 tonnes of urea and diamonium phosphate.

The executive director of Tanzania Fertiliser Regulatory Authority, Lazaro Kitandu, told The EastAfrican that the government has issued permits for the importation of fertiliser through the Bulky Procurement System, which…


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Our focus is market-oriented agriculture, says Mukeshimana


Source: The New Times, Rwanda.…


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Humans are damaging the fragile Galapagos ecosystem. Maybe coffee can help save it.


Source: WUNC org website.

Conservationists hope building a market for local, shade-grown coffee could help restore vital but degraded scalesia forests on Santa Cruz…


Added by Sufian Ntambi on August 25, 2017 at 8:00am — No Comments

Desperate farmers shun co-ops, resort to hawking their coffee


Source: Daily Nation Kenya

Coffee cherries being poured into a collector for pulping at Ndaroini factory in Nyeri County on August 15, 2017. Farmers have complained of delayed payment. PHOTO | JOSEPH KANYI | NATION MEDIA…


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Honey Is Making Life Sweeter for Coffee Farmers

By Janice Nadworny

Source: SCA News

Credit: Photo Courtesy of SCA News Website.

When Food 4 Farmers started working with coffee farming communities in 2011, the reason was clear: coffee income alone was simply not enough…


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Ambitious New Plan Aims To Double Production Of Coffee

By Zephania Ubwani.

Source: The Citizen Newspaper.

Arusha — Coffee production in Tanzania could more than double in four years' time if an action programme to increase the competitiveness of smallholder farmers is successfully implemented.

The ten-year programme launched in 2011/2012 aims to increase coffee production and quality from 50,000 tonnes a year by then to 150,000 tonnes in 2020/2021.…


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Coffee Farmers Struggle To Recover Losses.

By Lydiah Nyawira.

Source: The Standard Media.

Dancun Kamau, at his Batian coffee firm in Embu. Batian coffee farming is sponsored by Nestle Kenya and is known to be high yielding and disease resistant.Nestle, aims at creating value across the coffee supply…


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A Drying Climate Threatens Africa’s Coffee, But Hope Remains


Added by Kioko Kasyoka on August 7, 2017 at 1:15pm — No Comments

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