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Welcome to the online community of Progreso Network

Below you will find an explanation of the main things you can do in the community!
Looking for new partners, consultants or traders? The community members section will connect you to the personal profile of other members. Use the search option to search by name, country or type of organization. By clicking on the photos of members, you can reach their information directly and start a conversation.

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This section enables members to post a document, launch a new idea or initiate a discussion. You are invited to share your experiences and questions regarding the development of producer organizations and their partners.

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Don't miss any of the activities regarding the commercialization, certification, and professional development of the producer organizations and their partners. You can also post an event that is missing and invite your friends and partners.

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Within groups people work together around emerging themes and issues for small-scale farmers and their partners in the sector. Each group has its own moderator. The objective is to discuss and share ideas around a specific topic and work on solutions.

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In this section you are challenged to share your ideas on a question or problem that producer organizations or other chain partners (NGOs, traders, certifiers, etc.) are facing. Members of the community post challenges and/or react to challenges organized by others. The best ideas will be rewarded.

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All members are invited to complete their profile. Please upload a photo and provide others with information about your expertise, interest and organization. Also, your profile will show your latest activities in the online community (blog posts, questions, ideas as well as groups that you have joined.

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