Progreso Network


Strategic Partners

Our Strategic Partners serve as the backbone of Progreso Network. They help shape our future goals, collaborate on activities, and provide us with means for our activities and management of the community.

Action Associates

Action Associates help Progreso Network take action. They work together with us and co-finance specific projects, for instance a challenge, exchange visits, or a series of activities around a certain theme.


PN Friends invest their time and take responsibility to, for instance, host a topic, coordinate challenges, or help us with promotion of the network in a region.

Kalema Andrew Joseph

Mario Chacon

Anneke Theunissen

Miguel Paz

Rodrigo Diaz

Dianele Giovannucci

Rodney Nikkels
Pelle Aardema
Olaf Erz
Kerstin Linne
Sara Carrascal
Want become our friend and help the network grow? Please send an email to

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