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Progreso Network is an online community connecting coffee producer organizations and their business partners in their efforts towards more sustainable supply chain.

In our opinion producer organizations are effective agents that permit smallholders to participate in the world market. Therefore, we offer them and their partners, such as exporters, roasters, and financers, a platform where they can share knowledge and work on joint initiatives that contribute to a more sustainable supply chain.
Progreso Network began in 2005 in the Netherlands as a learning community, organizing (offline) exchange visits, trainings, events and systematization of experiences through the Cup of Excellent Experiences initiative. On request, we still organize offline activities for our community members.

The online community was established in 2009 by a number of producer organizations in Central America. At this moment, we have two active communities - one that is Spanish speaking and one that is English speaking. Together they have more than 2,600 members, representing 390,000 producers in more than 24 countries worldwide.

Progreso Network has been supported by the following organizations:
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