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Kioko Kasyoka posted a blog post

U.S. Coffee Championships brew up excitement

By:Madelaine VanDerHeyden, KINGSource: King5The final rounds of the championship were held on Sunday, where baristas and brewers participated in individual performances to showcase their abilities and coffee creations. A third competition, the Cup Tasting Championship, tested the sensory skills of three baristas. Beginning with the Cup Tasting Championship, Steve Cuervas…See More
19 hours ago
Kioko Kasyoka posted a blog post

Clear coffee that won't stain your teeth is now a reality

Source:StuffAuthor: Arian BeestonIf you love coffee but don't love what it does to your teeth, then oh boy, do we have some good news for you.Introducing Clear Coffee (CLF CFF), billed as the world's first colourless coffee - and music to your dentist's ears.According to its founders, Slovakian brothers David and Adam Nagy, Clear Coffee is made from "high quality Arabica coffee beans and pure water".Produced via "methods which have never been used…See More
Kioko Kasyoka posted a blog post

Warming temperatures could lead to coffee crisis - study

By: Simon WangSource: NewsHubEnjoy your morning coffee today - it might be harder to get if warm temperatures keep going.New research from Oregon State University (OSU) shows even short heatwaves mean Coffea Arabica plants - the most common coffee plant - render them unable to produce flowers and fruit.No flowers or fruit means no beans - which means no…See More
Apr 3
Kioko Kasyoka posted a blog post

It's no death wish, just a kick-up-the-backside coffee

By: Shelly SeidSource:TimesLivehe aptly named Black Insomnia coffee company has produced a roast that contains the maximum recommended daily caffeine allowance in one small hit.Independent laboratory tests found Black Insomnia - with 17524mg of caffeine per kilogram - is 33% stronger than its closest rival, Deathwish Coffee, in the US . And it seems that everyone wants that extra boost of energy.Established only 10 months ago, the company has gone global and its super-charged product is now…See More
Mar 28
Kioko Kasyoka posted a blog post

East African Coffee Farmers Face Multile Challenges

B: Willie McgeeSource: Black Gold FoundationSelling coffee is vital to the livelihoods of millions of smallholder farmers in Africa. Growing coffee as a cash crop on small pieces of land in the Horn of Africa is not easy. The growing conditions for coffee farmers in East Africa have become more unpredictable in the last ten years. Erratic and often adverse changes to weather…See More
Mar 22
Kioko Kasyoka posted a blog post

Kenya plans to double coffee exports to U.S.

Kenya plans to double its coffee exports to the United States in order to tap into the lucrative North American market, officials said on Wednesday.coffeeSource:News GhanaAgriculture and Food Authority (AFA) Kenya Interim Head of Coffee Directorate Grenville Melli told a coffee forum in Nairobi that Kenya currently exports 4000 metric tons of coffee annually the US.“Our target is to double exports to reach…See More
Mar 14
Kioko Kasyoka posted a blog post

Israeli coffee firm bets on women farmers in developing nations

By Tova Cohen and Gustavo Palencia Source: ReutersFrom the sparsely populated mountains of Honduras to an island on Congo's Lake Kivu, women - many of them victims of domestic violence - have united to provide for their families by growing coffee.Now some collectives are getting help from an Israeli food company that sees the women's high productivity, greater than that…See More
Mar 9
Kioko Kasyoka posted a blog post

Making a case for coffee

Source: The NationThe global coffee market continues to percolate and a new study reveals that Asia is playing a key role in its growth.The research from Mintel reveals that three out of the five fastest…See More
Mar 7
Progreso Network posted a blog post

Coffee Regions 101: What Sets East Africa Apart?

Source: Perfect Daily Grind | Article by: Danielle Kilbride | Credit: Olam InternationalEast Africa produces some of the world’s best coffees. It’s the birthplace of coffee. It’s the origin of…See More
Mar 6
Kioko Kasyoka posted blog posts
Feb 28
Progreso Network posted a blog post

How to make coffee salt

By: Robin ShreevesSource: Mother Nature NetworkWhen you add coffee to food, you add complexity to the flavor. Coffee complements sweet foods like chocolate cake or brownies, red meat like beef or lamb, and nuts. Coffee can be used as an ingredient in recipes, but a quick way to add the the complex, brightening flavor of coffee to foods is to sprinkle it on some coffee salt. You can buy coffee salt or espresso salt, or you can easily make it yourself for a lot less money. Here's how:DIY Coffee…See More
Feb 16


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